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Crème Fraîche Chocolate Chunk Cookies Recipe | Displaced Housewife

This is always one of the funnest posts to do every year. Can I say funnest? I love to see what everyone’s favorite DisplacedHousewife recipes are. And this year it’s lots of cookies, muffins, raspberries and chocolate: there’s a reason we’ve found each other.

I’ve already started working on recipes for the New Year. I’m excited to have more free time to get back to weekly recipe posts…I’ve been coming up with more cake ideas, muffins, cookies (obvs) and I want us to move into the occasional pastry treat…definitely more yeast-y treats will be shoved in here as well. How does all of this sound? Maybe a monthly bucket-list baking item that we might think sounds difficult but we can do it? Together?

I’m also starting to work on my next book proposal — which I am SOOOO FREAKING excited about. Let me know if you have any books you’d like to see me write, I would love to hear.

Much love to you and your family and friends and basically everyone in the New Year. xoxo

Dark Chocolate Olive Oil Cookies Recipe

Second year running as the top recipe on DisplacedHousewife! These are different than the Big-Ass Olive Oil Cookies from The Cookie Book, but no less delicious! Some crisp, some chew + a some gorgeous cookie cracks. What more do we need?

Everything Chocolate Chip Cookies Recipe

Was super pumped to see these on the list! This was the first recipe I shared from The Cookie Book. They are loaded with puffed quinoa, dark chocolate, tart cherries, toasted pecans…all the good things. Some of you had some problems with toasting up your quinoa and others had no problem. Make sure you have a heavy-bottomed dry pan or Dutch oven placed over high heat. They should puff up from the heat, although not as dramatically as popcorn does. You can sub in any puffed grain (lots of you did amaranth) and you can also buy your grains already puffed if you can’t be bothered puffing yourself. Fair enough. Just make ’em!

Banana Espresso Cake With Espresso Bean Buttercream Recipe

If you haven’t made this one yet, what are you even doing with your life? It is all of my favorite flavors rolled into an easy, peasy sheet cake. You will never be at a loss as to what to do with your aged bananas again.

Crème Fraîche Chocolate Chunk Cookies Recipe | Displaced Housewife

Crème Fraîche Chocolate Chunk Cookies Recipe

This started out as one of those curiosity things: what would crème fraîche do to a cookie? It does such yummy things to most all baked goods, that I thought, why not? I ran into some problems…mostly a cookie that was way toooooo cake-y. A little cake-y, I can handle. But in the beginning, it was too much. This cookie took a ton of recipe testing (I think eight or nine iterations until I got it just right). They are huge, chewy and chocolate-y with a slight ethereal glow to them. I’m not kidding, go make ’em!

Chocolate Espresso Muffins (aka Get Your Ass Outta Bed Muffins) Recipe

These have hands-down become my most favorite chocolate muffin. They are soft, moist and chocolate-y with just the right hit of espresso. I used these as a cupcake base last week and think they are perfect as both a cupcake and a breakfast muffin. It’s like hitting the baking lottery, really. If you don’t want the espresso jazz hands in there, just omit and sub in some milk for the espresso liquid.

Brown Butter Muscovado Chocolate Chip Cookies Recipe

These have been in the DisplacedHousewife Top Ten almost every year since I published this recipe four years ago. I have a Brown Butter Chocolate Chip Cookie in The Cookie Book + Brown Butter Muscovado Chocolate Chunk Bar Cookies and these are different than both but oh, so, good! If you can’t get your hands on some dark muscovado you can sub in some dark brown sugar in a pinch. These are one of my absolute favs that were just the beginning of my muscovado obsession starting back in 2014.

Raspberry Jam Streusel Muffins Recipe

I’m loving that two muffins made it onto the list this year and I’m thinking we need more muffins in 2019? I created these so that we could enjoy something sweet and berry-ish in the cooler months when our berry plants are dormant. But I’ve decided they are perfect year-round. And it’s a super easy recipe. Bonus. And did you know that you can make your muffin batter the night before and stash it in the fridge so that you can bake fresh muffins in the morning? Did you also know that if you leave some muffin wells empty in your muffin tin while baking, the muffins that are in there will rise more? Should 2019 be the year of the muffin? Think about it…

Spiced Apple Cake With Brown Butter Buttercream Recipe

This cake should not just be relegated to a fall-only cake. She’s moist, perfectly spiced and loaded with diced apple, that we don’t have to peel. I know. It’s pretty revolutionary. There’s a reason it’s this cakes second time on the best of list, it’s that good. Promise.

Brown Butter Muscovado Snickerdoodles Recipe

One of my favorite flavor pairings: brown butter + muscovado. FOREVER. These are so sooo good! One of the only recipes I took from my blog to The Cookie Book and didn’t change one bit. I love this cookie so much, I made it for every Cookie Book book signing this past fall/winter. If you haven’t dipped your toe in the dark muscovado pool, this is where to start. You’ll never look back.

Lemon Raspberry Tea Cake Recipe

‘Tea Cake’ is code for: I can eat this whenever I feel like it. At least in my house that’s the translation we’re working with. It comes with a super lemon-y glaze, but I love this picture without the glaze so much. Are you feeling it too? I bought this long loaf tin from IKEA and then came up with this recipe to go in it…I just wanted a long tea cake. I’ll take inspiration wherever I can get it. Also just noticing that two recipes in the top ten have raspberries in them. Maybe 2019 will be the year of the raspberry as well. I’ll think on it…



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