Let’s Shop

Just like Oprah, I have favorite things! Here’s a collection of my most beloved baking stuff, pretty gift ideas and kitchen things! Have fun! xo

Segni Cocktail Napkins

Marble Coasters

Champagne Bucket

Martini Pitcher

Cocktail Dispenser

Marble Salt Cellar

Classic Cocktail Coupe

Bee Cocktail Picks

Bee Bar Set

Ice Cream Bowls

Zeroll Ice Cream Scoop

Cuisinart Ice Cream Maker


Pizza Peel

My Pizza Oven

Pizza Steel

Weck Jars—Small

Storage Mason Jars—Large

Crock Pot

Tea Kettle


Kitchen Towels

Breville Hand-Held Mixer



Staub 11-Inch Cast Iron Skillet

Staub Oval Cocotte

Stackable Staub

Dark Cocoa Powder

Vanilla Beans

Dark Muscovado Sugar

Maldon Sea Salt Flakes

My Go-To Sprinkle Blend

Delicious Callebaut Chocolate

Marble Butter Keeper

Classic Linen Napkins

Water Pitcher

Champagne Coupe

Plush Faux Fur Throw

Ash Candle

Mini Cocottes

Salad Bowl Large

Serving Bowls

Marble Canisters

Marble Board

Marble Cake Dome

NordicWare Angel Food Pan

9-inch NordicWare Cheesecake Pan

Ateco Pastry Tip Set

Pastry Cutter Set

Cake Lifter

9-Inch Cake Board

Piping Bags

Donut Cake Pan

8-Inch Parchment Cake Rounds

8-Inch Cake Board

Staub 9×13 Covered Baker

Baking Stamps


Pretty Measuring Cups

Liquid Measuring Cups

Wiliams-Sonoma Walnut Zester

Williams-Sonoma Walnut Bench Scraper

Chef’s Knife

Marble Rolling Pin

Powdered Sugar sifter

Cooling Rack

Material Air Whisk

Walnut Offset Spatula

Cake Turntable

Classic NordicWare Bundt

Industrial Rimmed Large Baking Sheets

Muffin Tin

Loaf Pan

9×13 NordicWare Baking Pan

9-Inch NordicWare Square Cake Pan

8-Inch NordicWare Square Cake Pan

9-Inch NordicWare Round Cake Pan

8-Inch NordicWare Round Cake Pan

The Cake Book

The Cookie Book


Glass Bowl Set

Gir Sprinkle Set

Candy Thermometer

Nespresso Machine

King Arthur Baking Espresso Powder

Cake Dome

Oven Thermometer