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Cozy Up with Soups & Chilis! Explore easy & heartwarming recipes ranging from Mexican Tomatillo Soup to Cheddar Corn Chowderand Chorizo Beer Chili. Find your perfect comfort food!

Portuguese Soup With Crispy Prosciutto + Manchego Toast

I wanted to create a soup that was Caldo Verde adjacent, with potatoes and kale and sausage, but I wanted (NEEDED) more of a clear soup rather than creamy. So I set out to use all of the key Caldo Verde players: Portuguese sausage (I offer several substitutions below if you can’t find it), loads of kale and potatoes. Then thoughts…

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Mexican Tomatillo Soup

| mexican tomatillo soup | I know, I’ve been on a MAJOR sweet bender. Please forgive me. I hear from my friends that they want more quick, savory dinners, so this is for you…just in time for Cinco de Mayo. And it’s healthy. And quick. Did I say that already? It’s ticking all the boxes on the type of meal I…

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Dirty Baked Potato Soup

dirty baked potato soup{ quick + healthy dinner } No joke, we’ve made this four times in the past week. Yes, it’s in the healthy-sphere of cooking, and in spite of that fact we can’t stop shoving it in our faces because it is so completely delicious. I like to think I eat just like you. During the week, I try…

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Cheddar Corn Chowder

cheddar corn chowder I have been on a bit of a soup bender lately. It’s not just because cool weather is finally closing in on us and I’m no longer walking around with sweat streaming down my body and pooling in any crevasse it can find (although, please know that I am #gratefulAF for this). It’s more because as a…

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Harissa Steak Chili

Hi. How are you? I really want to know…so tell me, I’m all ears. And how’s your weekend going? It’s still happening you know…we’ve got hours more to go. Are those brow furrows a little lessoned? Did you get to relax, make pancakes and walk around in socks? No? Well that’s how you should spend the rest of the evening. I insist.…

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Chorizo Beer Chili

Around Christmas I was talking (that’s code for wine tasting) with my cousin and I mentioned my weekend pancake recipe. She asked if I had weekday pancakes too. I think she was making fun of me. I don’t joke about pancakes. Nobody should. So I replied (rather proudly, I might add): OF COURSE I DO. Don’t you? Doesn’t everyone? I mean…

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