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Sunshine on a Plate: Lemon Baking Delights! Explore a world of vibrant & delicious recipes bursting with lemon flavor. From Lemon Olive Oil Cake to Chocolate Lemon Tart, find your perfect citrusy bake!

How to Make the Perfect Lemon Curd Recipe

I created this Perfect Lemon Curd Recipe because my daughter, Stella, told me my curd recipe in The Cookie Book was too complicated. ;) I set out to create a recipe that was quick (this is so quick), simplified (it is!), uses minimal ingredients and has lots of bright flavor. I am very excited to finally be sharing this recipe…

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Easy Moist Raspberry Muffins Recipe (with Streusel)

A beautiful, bright, moist, fluffy Easy Raspberry Muffin Recipe just for you! How many adjectives can I throw at us? Let’s see… These are one-bowl (ish) delicious raspberry streusel muffins. By ‘ish’ I mean that we’ll mix the streusel in the same bowl as we mix the muffins (no need to clean it out). It’s not a strict one-bowl recipe…

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The Most Delicious Tropical Pineapple Cake Recipe

The hunt is over, prepare yourself for The Most Delicious Tropical Pineapple Cake Recipe! I’m in love with this recipe because it’s minimal effort while yielding maximum results. You have one cake cut in half, a cake soak of unsweetened pineapple juice and then it’s slathered in a super simple and hella delicious coconut cream cheese frosting – this easy…

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side view of the perfect whole slice of lemon olive oil cake

Mega Delish Lemon Olive Oil Cake

A one-bowl wonder that is mixed and baked in an hour! This lemon olive oil cake is bright, moist, light and has mega lemon flavor. Feel free to play around with any citrus (or any combination). So delicious to eat that no one will know it was so flipping easy to make!

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Slices of delicious cake

8 Irresistible Fresh Strawberry Recipes (Desserts)

A collection of my most favorite strawberry desserts! Strawberries can be grown year round in California, making them one of the berries that we tend to see most consistently on our grocer’s shelves (blueberries are up there as well!). I love to use fresh strawberries in scones, cookies, buttercream, cakes and especially, overnight strawberry jam buns. Fresh Strawberry Recipes Scroll…

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Best Ever Homemade Blueberry Muffins (Super Easy!)

Brace yourself, you’re about to meet the best Blueberry Muffin Recipe!! I have been craving classic, pared down recipes (and I think I’m not alone!). While these muffins don’t have 11 ingredients like the Everyday Banana Bread, they do have just 12 basic ingredients which is pretty damn good. So no fancy ingredients, no crazy technique but HELLA delicious flavor. …

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Lemon Cake | Recipe via DisplacedHousewife Rebecca Firth

Fresh Lemon Cake

Consider this Fresh Lemon Cake a dazzling celebration of the humble lemon, that most-frequently used citrus that adorns our kitchen counters. I don’t know this for fact but I do on instinct. I put lemon in everything from warm water, to savory dishes that need brightening up to baked goods that need some sunshine. Yes, the humble lemon is a…

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Chocolate Lemon Tart

Is there any better way to say goodbye to winter and hello to spring than with a Chocolate Lemon Tart? No really, is there? All of my favorite flavors are shoved into one delicious dessert treat that doesn’t just look beautiful, it tastes amazing. Even better, it’s a cinch to throw together. I mean it. This was utterly painless. I…

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The Cookie Book!

Holy. Crap. She’s here. I am BEYOND excited that The Cookie Book is finally out in the world. It took a lot of sore feet, tired eyes and more butter + sugar than you can possibly imagine, but it is so worth it. I am so freaking proud of this book and I can’t wait for you to have it…

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Lemon Basil Olive Oil Gelato

I love love love this Lemon Basil Olive Oil Gelato! We have a cookbook title!!! It’s called The Cookie Book!! I love love love the final title. What do you think? As soon as the cover is finalized, I’ll share it here as well. I seriously can’t wait!! I knew once I turned the manuscript in there would still be work…

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Lemon Raspberry Tea Cake

Hey friends! Whew, the book is FINALLY turned in!! I’ve been thinking I’d like to write about the cookbook-writing process here…would that interest you? I have a lot of thoughts that I would love to share if you’re interested. I get to see the manuscript one more time, for several weeks in May, and I believe at that point it…

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messy strawberry jam buns with one bite out of one of them

Overnight Strawberry Jam Rolls

I went completely crazy taking photos for these Overnight Strawberry Jam Rolls. I could photograph these jam buns for days. I mean, look at them. Go on. We make a quick strawberry jam with strawberries, sugar and lemon juice + zest, nothing else. We fashion ourselves a rich dough with egg yolks, buttermilk + dotted with cinnamon and then shove…

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Meyer Lemon Chamomile Muffins

Morning loves! I’ve been holding onto this recipe a bit…tweaking until it was just right. Most of the chamomile muffins out there have chunks of chamomile tea in them…which neither my kids nor I liked. At all. And if you try to soften the chamomile before adding it to the batter it will tinge the batter a drab color. Not into…

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Petite Raspberry Scones + Fresh Lemon Glaze

How’s it going? End of school, blazing pre-summer heat + life have kept me from you. I’m sorry. I’m back. And I’m seriously backlogged with truckloads of recipes that I want to share with you. Think savory Spaghetti + Meatballs  that comes together quickly. Or what about that Salted Caramel Brown Butter Blondie Ice Cream that I’ve been parading around…

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Tender Strawberry Cream Scones

Fresh Strawberry Cream Scones are one of my favorite ways to use fresh strawberries (because there is nothing better than homemade scones!). Picture the softest, lightest scone interior loaded with fresh berries at every bite (that’s this scone!). I have over a dozen scone recipes on my site, I love them so much! They’re so easy to throw together (once…

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The Best Mixed Berry Scones with a Bright Lemon Glaze

I consider these The Best Mixed Berry Scones with a Bright Lemon Glaze my core scone recipe! This is an older post (that is in the queue to be updated); please reach out with any questions!! The instructions look extensive, but it’s only because I put a ton of detail in them for a perfect outcome. I promise they aren’t…

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{ blackberry + lemon vodka cooler }

blackberry + lemon vodka cooler { spring fever } I’m acting like I’m on Spring Break even though I haven’t been in school in, let’s just say, quite some time. Every year, for as far back as I can remember, I get a little crazy come spring. I want to shrug off responsibility, spend more money than I have, shove my…

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lemon + greens + chicken spring pasta

I was so excited for St. Patrick’s Day that I published my { corned beef + hash } at the start of the month…weeks early. It was a premature post. What can I say? I was a little excited. Now I’m suffering from blog-posting-dysfunction. I just couldn’t get anything up last week. It was frustrating, to say the least. The entire…

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