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Tart Cherry Almond Scones

| tart cherry almond scones | Someone requested these for the bakery and I sort of thought, meh…what’s the big with cherry almond scones. Holy crap you guys, these are my new favorite. Super simple to make. Everything’s a staple, none of this what’s-in-season crap. Pure heaven. Sometimes, by Sunday, when it’s the perfect scone-making day, my produce has dwindled…

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Thai Thai Scones

I have been thinking, musing, daydreaming and jotting down ideas about this scone for months. When my tai tai’s (read little bits about my tai tai’s here and here) were coming for a visit this summer I wanted to do something special for them. A little culinary gift, if you will. I thought this Thai Thai Scone would be that…

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