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Breakfast Nachos

We take our nacho game very seriously around here. We eat them for dinner, as a snack…basically any time we have an excuse to shove them in our mouths. Last summer we were lounging around and Gavin wanted nachos. I said ‘everyone, stop what you’re doing and follow me into the kitchen.’ I told them I would be oh-so-proud if…

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Chai Spiced Granola Waffles

| chai spiced granola waffles | I waited a wee bit to post this granola waffles recipe because I was on such a chai granola bender several weeks back, I thought we needed a time out. A brief respite to build up the anticipation again. So I paused. Regrouped. Re-tasted several thousand times (expanded my legging collection) and decided that,…

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Petite Raspberry + Blueberry Scones With Hella Lemon Glaze

My life has consisted of two meals lately: noodles and scones. I’ve been messing around with chow mein noodles, rice noodles, pad Thai noodles and zucchini noodles (which we’re calling vasta, right???). I’ve been dressing them in slightly spicy peanut sauce, a thicker soy-based sauce or a heavy-on-the-sesame sauce. Sort of like my own little culinary version of My Size…

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