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White Chocolate Fudge Brownies Brownies | The Cookie Book | DisplacedHousewife | rebecca firth

White Chocolate Fudge Brownies

Happy almost weekend! I wanted to share this easy holiday recipe for fudge brownies from The Cookie Book…think of it as a little holiday gift from me to you. But better, something to make + eat this weekend while you’re knee-deep into holiday-ing.   I’m keeping this blog post short + sweet. I’m in Chicago staying at one of my…

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Triple Peppermint Brownies

What’s that you say? More peppermint? More chocolate? Powdered sugar that looks like snow? No problem. We got this. These peppermint brownies are simple, come together fast and are loaded with holiday jazz hands. Think hella ooey gooey…my favorite kind of brownie. PS It’s the holidays. Did you get the memo? Suddenly we’re knee-deep in it. And I have a true life…

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tahini brownies with black + tan sesame sprinkles

| tahini brownies with black + tan sesame sprinkles | I think the masses out there are going to be divided on these tahini brownies. Not by the taste, but the sound of it. I think half of you are going to say, ‘Hell to the NO!’ And I think the other half are going to say, ‘I love tahini…

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{ salted caramel + brown butter stacked blondie-brownies }

salted caramel + brown butter stacked blondie-brownies { the defibrillator } Well, I’m done. I think I can put up the Closed – On Vacation sign and head to Kauai for a couple of weeks. When Saveur Magazine opened up their Blog Award nominations this week I wanted to search my photos for something that was really representative of the…

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Brown Butter + Salted Caramel Brownies

 brown butter + salted caramel brownies { yum } In the words of a very good friend, my life is paved in good intentions. When I found out my kids were going to be gone for a week, I though, wow, I’m going to get so much done. Mind you, I experience this quarterly, so I should know better. I…

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