Recipes usingBourbon

Bourbon Baking Bliss! Discover a treasure trove of sophisticated & flavorful recipes. From classic favorites with a twist to unique creations, find your perfect bourbon bake!

Two bottles of homemade vanilla extract; one bottle is lighter in color and the other is an amber color.

How to Make Homemade Bourbon Vanilla Extract

Homemade bourbon vanilla bean extract will add jazz hands to all of your baking projects! So many desserts use vanilla extract to elevate their final flavor (hellooo Mega Vanilla Chocolate Chip Cookies!) and I used a ton of it when I was recipe testing The Cookie Book and The Cake Book! I use it liberally in many, many (most?!) recipes!…

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Pumpkin Bourbon Cake With Brown Butter Bourbon Buttercream

Pumpkin Bourbon Cake With Brown Butter Bourbon Buttercream. Did you get that? There’s a heavy hand of bourbon in this cake and it’s a lovely thing. And I have a strong affection for alliteration. So there’s that. Let’s just get this out of the way first: Yes, yes indeed you can make this cake without alcohol. I’ll tell you how…

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Pumpkin Bourbon Mini Cakes With Spiced Maple Glaze

Good morning friends! I hope your fall has been good to you so far. I have been obsessed with making all things pumpkin, have you noticed? I was thinking these sweet mini cakes would be perfect for a Thanksgiving table or for finishing a holiday dinner with friends + family. Can you picture it?

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