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tahini brownies with black + tan sesame sprinkles

| tahini brownies with black + tan sesame sprinkles | I think the masses out there are going to be divided on these tahini brownies. Not by the taste, but the sound of it. I think half of you are going to say, ‘Hell to the NO!’ And I think the other half are going to say, ‘I love tahini…

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Fudgy Brownies + Caramelized Pecan Brittle

fudgy brownies + caramelized pecan brittle I learned a lot of things on this fudgy brownies journey. First, there’s a brownie for every occasion. Kind of like finding the perfect dress: what’s the mood and occasion? Looking for stability? Sometimes a cakey brownie is just right. Feeling like a hot mess? You want it dripping in caramel sauce. Don’t want to…

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