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Classic Oatmeal Raisin Cookies

I realized recently that I’ve been woefully neglect of including oatmeal cookies in the DisplacedHousewife family. Chocolate? Yep, plenty of that. But oatmeal? No love. The loss was weighing heavily on our hearts. An emptiness that just couldn’t be filled. We had to rectify the situation. I set out on a journey to make us PERFECT oatmeal raisin cookies. It was a…

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Meal Planning | week two

For those of you joining us, this is our second week of meal planning (read the first one here). The goal of these posts is to make your mid-week planning, cooking + eating easier. Maybe a little bit healthier? It will contain a collection of my recipes + links off to others. My back went out this week (miserable) so this week’s…

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Breakfast Nachos

We take our nacho game very seriously around here. We eat them for dinner, as a snack…basically any time we have an excuse to shove them in our mouths. Last summer we were lounging around and Gavin wanted nachos. I said ‘everyone, stop what you’re doing and follow me into the kitchen.’ I told them I would be oh-so-proud if…

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