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Rustic Cranberry Apple Hand Pies Recipe by Rebecca Firth | DisplacedHousewife

Rustic Cranberry Apple Hand Pies

Prepare yourself. This recipe is a no-self-control recipe. The kind where I had two cranberry apple hand pies before noon and had to talk myself off the ledge about eating another before dinner. You can’t eat just one. I seriously dare you. And if you have that kind of self control, I just don’t understand you on the deep human…

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Chorizo Beer Chili

Around Christmas I was talking (that’s code for wine tasting) with my cousin and I mentioned my weekend pancake recipe. She asked if I had weekday pancakes too. I think she was making fun of me. I don’t joke about pancakes. Nobody should. So I replied (rather proudly, I might add): OF COURSE I DO. Don’t you? Doesn’t everyone? I mean…

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{ tangy + crunchy pickled red onions }

tangy + crunchy pickled red onions { a little pick-me-up condiment } Without haste make these. They take about three seconds to throw together and you can shove them on everything. I made them for the slow cooker citrus tacos the other night and I’m in heaven. Put ‘em on a sandwich? Hell yeah. I’ve had them on salmon…just delightful. Ummm…

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{ slow cooker citrus chicken tacos }

slow cooker citrus chicken tacos { easy + tasty midweek excitement } Doesn’t this photo look exciting? I’ve been futzing with this for what feels like a lifetime. I started when I still had persimmons on my tree in the fall…it’s been awhile. I started out in a carnitas direction and then, to be frank, these tasted nothing like carnitas to…

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Cashew + Spicy Tofu Stir-Fry

I’m sure any card-carrying Chinese person would look at this recipe and call it straight-from-the-motherland Chinese food. No hippie around, just Chinese. I’m adding the hippie part because this reminds me of something I would have eaten at a Dead show.  This feels vaguely familiar and was probably eaten in the back of a Volkswagen Bus. Can you picture it? I wouldn’t call myself…

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