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{ lemon + greens + chicken spring pasta }

lemon + greens + chicken spring pasta { shut up & eat } I was so excited for St. Patrick’s Day that I published my { corned beef + hash } at the start of the month…weeks early. It was a premature post. What can I say? I was a little excited. Now I’m suffering from blog-posting-dysfunction. I just couldn’t…

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Straight-Up Honky Kung Pao Chicken

For this kung pao chicken post, we’re going to pretend I never lived in China. What you’re about to witness is west-coast, quick, weeknight kung pao chicken. There isn’t much authentic happening here. If we were hanging in Mainland China together and we ordered kung pao chicken it would be a completely different experience. We’re talking Sichuan peppercorns that numb your tongue. It’s intoxicating.…

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