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Lemony Brussels Sprout Pignoli Pizza

Man oh MAN have I had some pizza cravings lately. And this combination of flavors has been my current go-to: bright bursts of lemon zest, slightly charred and crispy Brussels sprouts, bitter radicchio and toasted bits of pignolis (aka Diamond of California pine nuts). Sometimes I’ll add prosciutto (which is heaven) and other times sun-dried Kalamata olives (which I can’t…

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{ new year’s eve dinner }

classic braised short ribs + cheesy sweet potato quinoa As we near the end of eating season, it would be easy to throw in the towel. To just say, enough is enough. And, if I’m being completely honest here, I’d be lying if I didn’t tell you that I’m getting pretty close to throwing in the towel. I’ve been eating…

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