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{ tangy + crunchy pickled red onions }

tangy + crunchy pickled red onions { a little pick-me-up condiment } Without haste make these. They take about three seconds to throw together and you can shove them on everything. I made them for the slow cooker citrus tacos the other night and I’m in heaven. Put ‘em on a sandwich? Hell yeah. I’ve had them on salmon…just delightful. Ummm…

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{ five-spice cranberries three ways }

five-spice cranberries cranberries + cocktails + appetizer I like a recipe that will serve multiple purposes. For instance, when I make tri-tip, you can always expect beef tacos the next day. And if it was an especially big tri-tip, than I will roll it into chili and I’ve got three meals under my belt. Boom. These cranberries are just like that. First, they’re a…

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