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{ double chocolate + banana superfood granola }

double chocolate + banana granola { a chocolate-y superfood party } I love granola. I love to grab a handful to nosh on when I’m hungry. I like to make acai bowls at home for a quick meal. And nothing beats a bowl of granola with cut bananas and milk. I like almond milk in my granola. Don’t know why.…

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Sea Salt + Double Chocolate Muffins

Sea Salt + Double Chocolate Muffins So, I really have been sticking to this healthy eating thing. Wanna know what healthy eating means to me? It means how can I make everything that is actually healthy taste not healthy. It’s just how my palate swings. I want ooey, gooey, oozy, boozy chocolate things. I want sauce…and lots of it. I want things…

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{ bakery farm stand }

{ aint it grand } I love that I live down the street from this. Today was one of those days that had zero plans and zero structure. I woke up, meandered out to the garden; watered and weeded and picked. Felt like I was livin’ off the land. Good feeling. Dropped off some of my garden goodies with family…

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