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For those of you joining us, this is our second week of meal planning (read the first one here). The goal of these posts is to make your mid-week planning, cooking + eating easier. Maybe a little bit healthier? It will contain a collection of my recipes + links off to others. My back went out this week (miserable) so this week’s recipes are going to be SUPER easy because I can’t stand or fuss around too much in the kitchen. Here is this week’s MENU + GROCERY LIST |  week two. Feel free to download it and make it your own.

BUT FIRST, let’s start with these Spiced Pumpkin Chocolate Chunk Cookies to usher in the season. Yep, I know it’s not officially fall, but September 1 means fuzzy sweaters, cozy spices and hella pumpkin. Even if it’s hot as balls.

Spiced Pumpkin Chocolate Chunk Cookies | recipe via DisplacedHousewife


Make cookies. That’s an order. These Spiced Pumpkin Chocolate Chunk Cookies are soooo good! Stella said ‘they taste like fall!’ and my sister said ‘oh, these are delicious…can I take two?’ Here’s what you do…nobody needs three dozen cookies hanging around the house. Because if you’re anything like me you’ll eat all of them. Bake half of the cookies and save them for sweet treats, lunches or whenever you need to be reminded that fall is almost here. Freeze the rest of the dough rolled into cookie-size dough balls and store in a freezer-safe resealable plastic bag. Cookies on demand. It’s a must. I know I keep bringing this up, but I’m looking for weekly converts.

Sunday’s are also for running to the market and resting. Lots of rest. If you’re feeling especially ambitious use your leftover pumpkin to make these Petite Pumpkin Scones (you can freeze and bake off fresh scones every morning of the week). And if you can’t be bothered, freeze your remaining pumpkin for the next batch of Spiced Pumpkin Cookies.

chickens @ DisplacedHousewife farmette | @displacedhousewife


No photo of this dinner, so we’re looking at my pretty ladies. Steak + Potatoes are never a bad idea. And it’s the easiest dinner ever. I am a filet gal, but you could just as easily get a NY (or whatever strikes your fancy)…and while you’re at it, buy extra (or buy stewing meat for the  chili you’ll make with any leftovers) because we’re turning our leftover steak into dinner on Tuesday.

When you get home from work on Monday night, pull out your steaks. Drizzle with some olive oil and generously salt and pepper both sides. Set them aside.

Normally I would make roasted potatoes but with my back, I can’t be bothered…we’re doing baked potatoes. Preheat your oven to 450 degrees F, set your scrubbed potatoes on some foil and put in the oven for about 50 minutes. You should be able to easily pierce them with a fork. I like to sprinkle with a little cheddar, some greek yogurt and salsa. Done.

Heat up a cast iron skillet over screaming hot heat and sear your steaks for about 5 minutes per side (for a 1 1/2-2 inch-thick steak)…that’s how I do it. I like my steaks a bit bloody and a proper cooked steak really depends on the thickness of the steak and the heat of your pan. It’s a tango. Use some judgment so as not to overcook them.

I also like to make salad dressing for the week on Monday night. This week, again, it’s Ranch. It’s a crowd pleaser…email me if you’d like my recipe (I use lots of Greek yogurt to make it healthier). Our salad is whatever I can find in the garden: think arugula, tomatoes, lemon cucumbers. Simple.

If you’re feeling especially ambitious, get your chili started tonight. It’s always better when it’s had time to sit overnight.

weeknight harissa + steak chili | recipe via DisplacedHousewife


We’re making Steak Chili!!! Follow this easy recipe for Harissa Steak Chili or if you have a bit more time and want it loaded with meat, go after this Chorizo Beer Chili. If you don’t have harissa (and don’t want to get it), just leave it out. I make it like this when I’m out. Lastly, if you want an excuse to get harissa (and I hope you do), read on… Not only do I use harissa in my chili, but I also use it in this North African Pizza and when I make these awesome, delicious Harissa Turkey Sliders With Feta-Harissa Secret Sauce.

DisplacedHousewife | chicken + veggie chow mein | DisplacedHousewife


My kids loveeee when we make take-out Chinese food and Chicken Chow Mein is at the top of our list (and so much healthier when made at home). Have everything prepped (which shouldn’t take long) and dinner will be done before you know it. I load it up with veggies so that we don’t have to make any side dishes. Yup. It’s hump day.

PS I’m doing a California Strawberries (@castrawberries) Instagram Takeover on Wednesday — head on over to their account and like, comment + see three brand new strawberry-centric recipes from me!! xo

Thai Ginger Garlic Noodles | recipe via Vanilla & Bean


I am such a fan of Traci from Vanilla and Bean. Her dishes are always fresh, creative and loaded with flavor. From the minute I saw this photo I knew I had to make her Thai Ginger and Garlic Noodle Bowl…and this week is the week. I will probably add tofu or some shredded chicken to this, but otherwise, stunning as is.

This week, we’re taking Friday off!! I’m thinking dinner out, a martini, dim lighting…

As always, if you try any of these recipes, let me know. And if there are any recipes you would like me to include here, leave a note below or email me. I hope this week’s meal planning makes your life easier! Leaving you with a photo of my red grapes…they were so delicious. Sad that they are already gone! xo

grapes from DisplacedHousewife farmette | @displacedhousewife

On My Mind
  • Can’t believe that The Night Of is over. $100 we’re gonna see a second season. You can still catch it on HBO. I highly recommend.
  • I ALSO recommend The Jinx on HBO. Wowza. It’s insane. That’s all I have to say. And all true. A six-part document worth your time. Prepare to be creeped out.
  • This week is my collaboration/sponsorship/Instagram takeover with the California Strawberry Commission on Wednesday. I have THREE recipes coming out on Wednesday. One recipe is a gorgeous Strawberry Freekah Salad (you’ll die). Another is a Strawberry Cardamom Torte that will be your favorite go-to dessert when you want to dazzle (and it’s the easiest thing you’ve ever made). Lastly, I’m sharing a recipe for some DELICIOUS Strawberry Balsamic Brownies…that we later made into sundaes. It seemed the only natural thing to do. I hope you guys will take the time to pop over to Instagram, follow @castrawberries and like + comment on my posts this Wednesday. Super excited to work with them!!
  • I’m totally experiencing a seasonal identity crisis. I’m still revelling in strawberries, zucchini + heirloom tomatoes (my plants are going strong). But the pull towards pumpkin, spices and baked apples is real. I’m feeling it. It’s happening. Are you there?
  • Completely fired up to have my work included in these two articles: my Citrus Tacos in this Taco Roundup and my beer-crust pizza in this collection of Labor Day BBQ Recipes.
  • I hope you guys have a truly wonderful week! Lots of love + light.

–Rebecca xoxo



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