Drinks to Delight: Pairs Perfectly with Your Baked Goods! Explore our collection of easy & delicious drinks to complement your cookies, cakes & more. A few reader favorites include this Spiced Apple Cider and this Pomegranate & Rosemary Cocktail that is perfect for the holidays.

Five-Spice Cranberry Sauce

Think of this Five-Spice Cranberry Sauce as regular cranberry sauce but with mega jazz hands! It has all of the notes your looking for in cranberry sauce: classic sweet and tart flavors, with everything amped up with a bit of Chinese Five-Spice powder to keep things interesting. Origin of The Recipe This is the recipe that started it all! I’ve…

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Slow Cooker Spiced Apple Cider

I was completely inspired by Half Baked Harvest’s maple apple cider recipe in which she uses a slow cooker to make it. I was so inspired, that I got up off of my arse and played around with the recipe a bit. I have four apple trees so fasten your seatbelts…there are quite a few more apple recipes coming your way. My…

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Pomegranate + Rosemary Cocktail

pomegranate + rosemary cocktail { holiday cheers } This is part of the DisplacedHousewife Christmas Eve Dinner…or if you’re just looking for some holiday sparkle, this is it. I know I said I would have this up by Sunday…but…I’m never one to turn down a good time in the month of December. And that’s what’s been happening. A lot. But…

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{ blackberry + lemon vodka cooler }

blackberry + lemon vodka cooler { spring fever } I’m acting like I’m on Spring Break even though I haven’t been in school in, let’s just say, quite some time. Every year, for as far back as I can remember, I get a little crazy come spring. I want to shrug off responsibility, spend more money than I have, shove my…

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{ gardening surprises }

{ lime basil vodka mojitos } I love gardening. Anyone that’s known me for any length of time would find that a fascinating fact. I don’t much like to play in the dirt or lay on the grass. But for some reason, the ebb and flow of gardening trumps all the negatives of getting dirty and being around bugs. One…

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