Loaf Cakes & Quick Breads

Loaf Cake Love! Discover easy & delicious loaf cake recipes for every occasion. From breakfast treats like this Lemon Raspberry Tea Cake and this Easy Banana Bread to coffee companions like this Triple Chocolate Espresso Tea Cake, find your perfect loaf today!

Easy Moist Pumpkin Bread Recipe

I’m not even sure the title Easy Moist Pumpkin Bread Recipe is doing this justice. So let me tell you a little bit about it… I was inspired by the apple cider donuts and apple cider donut loaf cakes that are everywhere in early fall. All of them apple spiced and rolled in a thick coating of spiced sugar. I…

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Mega Moist Double Chocolate Banana Bread

This is the yummiest Mega Moist Double Chocolate Banana Bread that’s loaded with bananas, cocoa powder, vanilla and finished with a sprinkling of chocolate chips (mini or regular). I can never have too many banana recipes and I hope you feel the same! I refer to this banana bread as ‘bread’, ‘loaf cake’ and/or just ‘cake’ throughout this post. Banana bread is…

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A stack of banana bread next to a glass of milk on a white surface.

Everyday Easy Banana Bread Recipe (Mega Moist!)

Hi friends — I greet you this weekend with some comforting and easy-to-bake Everyday Easy Banana Bread! I love a great everyday or ‘classic’ recipe. To me, this includes recipes that I hope will become your favorite go-to’s to make mid-week after work, during cozy weekend mornings and using everyday ingredients and techniques. I don’t want them to be fussy, complicated…

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Lemon Cake | Recipe via DisplacedHousewife Rebecca Firth

Fresh Lemon Cake

Consider this Fresh Lemon Cake a dazzling celebration of the humble lemon, that most-frequently used citrus that adorns our kitchen counters. I don’t know this for fact but I do on instinct. I put lemon in everything from warm water, to savory dishes that need brightening up to baked goods that need some sunshine. Yes, the humble lemon is a…

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Lemon Raspberry Tea Cake

Hey friends! Whew, the book is FINALLY turned in!! I’ve been thinking I’d like to write about the cookbook-writing process here…would that interest you? I have a lot of thoughts that I would love to share if you’re interested. I get to see the manuscript one more time, for several weeks in May, and I believe at that point it…

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Brown Butter Banana Bread

The most delicious Brown Butter Banana Bread! Loaded with heaps of flavor, this bread is simple to throw together and cooks low and slow to bring out a ton of banana flavor. How to Pick Bananas for Banana Bread You’ll need FIVE bananas for this recipe. We’re not kidding. It’s banana bread. I LOVE the banana on top…both from a…

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Triple Chocolate Espresso Tea Cake

I like the idea of tea cake. It says, let’s have lunch at home, wear soft clothes and drink wine on the patio. It says I don’t want to spend one second making buttercream or stacking layers of cake, but I want cake. It also says I love you chocolate…I really do. It is also borderline begging for a glass of wine.…

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