Monthly Archives : March 2017

Chocolate Caramel Pretzel Cookies

A lot of different things are happening with these chocolate caramel pretzel cookies. We whip up a simple double chocolate cookie batter. That’s cool. We’ve done this before. We grab a caramel candy (not too hard, not to soft), cut it in half and shove in the middle of the dough, covering completely. We’re also using dark cocoa powder, because I…

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Chocolate Almond Scones

You knew my love of scones was going to morph into some little chocolate number. I’ve actually been hanging onto this chocolate almond scones recipe for probably a year. I know. Sorry. They’re so good. But I needed a bit of a scone sabbatical. Once I stopped baking them for the bakery we needed a break. But enough time has passed and…

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Irish Coffee Cake

Is it a cake that tastes like Irish coffee or is it a coffee cake with Irish coffee vibes? Or are they the same thing? I think they’re different but this seems like more of an in-person conversation for us to have…perhaps over Irish coffee and cake? Today we’re scenting a traditional coffee cake with all of our favorite flavors: fresh-brewed espresso (or coffee),…

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