Monthly Archives : August 2015

Chocolate + Espresso Birthday Cake

chocolate + espresso birthday cake { birthday season } Let’s talk about ‘birthday season.’ It’s that time of year when you’re inundated with birthday celebrations of friends and family. You know what I’m talking about, right? You have one too? Every other day for seemingly weeks on end you’re running around buying gifts, making cakes and eating + drinking beyond capacity. It starts off…

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{ ricotta salata + baby spinach + charred corn chilled buttermilk pasta }

ricotta salata + baby spinach charred corn chilled buttermilk pasta { a quickie } I really wanted to get this out to you because it must be savored as much as possible before cool weather hits. It’s perfect by itself, the crowning jewel of a hot summer’s eve, or as a dazzling sidekick to some roasted shrimp, BBQ chicken or grilled steak.…

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